Financial coaching that helps you eliminate debt, build wealth, and live the life of your dreams.

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Get real with your money.

Managing your hard-earned money doesn't have to be overwhelming, complicated, or intimidating. Our coaches help you take control of your money by really getting to know you, designing a financial plan that's tailored to you, and providing ongoing support as you strive towards financial freedom.


Real people.

There's nothing quite like being able to talk to a real person to help you get your money on track and stay on course.

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Real money.

We simplify your life by going back to the basics; back to time-tested financial principles that get you ahead rather than hold you back.

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Talk to one of our coaches about your unique goals, and how you can rock your personal finances

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Here's what you get:

Personal Coach

A financial expert that is dedicated to helping you win with money.

Customized Plan

A step-by-step plan that's tailored to your income, goals, and timelines.

Digital Meetings

Meet with your coach through Skype, FaceTime, or chat over the phone.

Flexible Scheduling

You can set monthly online check-ins with your coach based on your schedule.

Practical Tools

Receive budgeting and planning tools that work seamlessly with your customized plan

Community Support

Access our Facebook group to meet and cheer on other people working our plans.

Here's the process:


Meet your coach

Your coach is a real person, not an algorithm! They design your unique plan and support you as you work that plan.


Set your goals

Pay off debt? Save for a trip? Your goals are seamlessly integrated into your step-by-step financial plan.


Get your plan

You'll receive an organized plan showing your goals, budget proposals, and timeline projections.


Stay on track

Amp things up with monthly check-ins and unlimited support through our Personal Coaching Program.

  • paper & coin testimonial
    My coach helped me with budgeting, answered my financial questions, and broke down money matters to me in a way that made sense, was non-judgmental and informative
    Karm, 30
    Photographer & Behavioural Therapist
  • paper & coin testimonial
    I wanted someone to take a bird's eye view of my financial standing. My coach's honesty, experience, and recommendations were key to helping me feel confident with what I could do with my finances for the future.
    Toby, 30
    HR Consultant
  • My coach was so helpful in breaking down and explaining step-by-step what my budget would look like and made it easy with templates and examples to follow along on my own. If you need help cleaning up your finances or paying off debt and saving money, you're in good hands!
    Cecilia, 29
    Administrative Assistant
  • paper & coin testimonials
    I had no idea where my money was going, but thanks Paper and Coin, I now have a structured plan laid out. I am intensely paying off my student debt, while still having money left over to go out with friends.
    Tine, 29
    Stationary Designer

Plans & Pricing

No two people are alike, and neither are their finances. We create a plan that's right for you.



Get into the nitty gritty of your personal finances with a coach, lay out your goals, and establish with a MASTER PLAN to make it all happen.

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Gets you all the goods of the MASTER PLAN, but with the extra bonus of monthly sessions with your coach to slay that plan and meet your goals.

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This one's for the hustlers! For sole proprietors and freelancers who need to get a handle on their business' finances, once and for all. 

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