The holidays are supposed to make us feel warm and fuzzy but by mid-December alot of us are feeling tired and overwhelmed. What gives? Paper & Coin Marketing Director, Victoria, explores the pressures of the holiday season and how to combat them.

As a Marketing Director, it’s part of my job to be tuned into all things social media. I don’t even want to tell you how much time I spend on Instagram on any given day. This time of year, I find it gets to me the most. With the days getting shorter, the burn out building, the financial pressure of the holidays setting in and the endless social engagements, everything can start to feel a little overwhelming.


I know I’m not the only one who feels this way – but, if you take a quick scroll through your feed during the month of December, it seems like everyone is having the most magical month ever. From couple shots at the Christmas market, to expensive gifts under the tree and beautiful family meals, most of the images we share are idyllic. Even though we know that what comes across our feed is simply a highlight reel, it can be tough not to make comparisons. For those of us who have lost loved ones, are coping with strained family relationships, can’t afford to celebrate the way we would like to or have to face a barrage of questions about our love lives (or lack thereof) from family members, social media can be a landmine of emotional triggers during the holidays.


That’s why I’m trying to take a more mindful approach to the holidays this year. When we mindlessly consume the media on our feeds, it’s difficult to take pause and remind ourselves that the ‘behind the scenes’ of the posts we’re viewing are probably a little different than the picture perfect image and caption we see. There may have been a fight or two before that couple selfie, a bit of credit card debt incurred to afford that gift and probably some tense moments around that family dinner table.

Nothing is perfect and we’re all dealing with our own challenges this holiday, no matter how flawlessly curated our feeds may appear.

Healthy Rituals

This year, I’m trying out a couple of strategies to try and make the most of the holiday season and protect myself from falling down the social media rabbit hole. You know, where you end up looking at pictures of your ex’s holiday work party or … so I’ve heard.

First off, I’m taking some time to unplug, specifically at night. I’m putting my phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ for at least an hour while I take a bath and do some reading before bed.

Secondly, I’m allowing myself some room to go through the emotions around the holidays. I struggle with being single this time of year – it’s hard to hide from the romance of the season and the slew of ‘I said yes!’ posts. I’m learning to let myself feel what I need to feel around that while reminding myself that I have a lot of other amazing things going on in my life.

Third, I’m taking more time for me. I know what I need to do to stay balanced – I need time alone with my puppy, a few sweaty spin sessions a week and a good amount of sleep. This year, I’ll be saying no to people and events that will cause me to lose that balance.

Finally, I’m trying to practice more gratitude. Last Christmas was an especially difficult one for me and I’m very lucky to find myself in a much better place this year. While my life isn’t perfect, it’s a perfectly flawed work in progress. I’m grateful for my new puppy who makes every day brighter, a job that I truly love, a supportive family, incredible friendships and a beautiful city to call home. How’s that for a highlight reel?

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