Our next event is in October in Toronto!

The Exchange 04: Building a Profitable Retail Product and Brand

Cultivating community and connection.

The Exchange is a live event series that fosters an opportunity for Millennials from diverse backgrounds, paths, and goals to collide, connect, and grow together as they strive to create the life of their dreams.

World-class speakers and panelists

We bring in the best of the best for our community - founders, CEOs, influencers, professionals, and leaders who are generous with their wisdom and transparent about their journeys. Our speakers and panelists are killing it in retail, social media, PR, creative, editorial, wellness, and everything in between.

Redefining work, wealth, and well-being

We believe in a balance, holistic, and healthy approach to success. That's why our events incorporate an interactive activity, time and space to get in the right mental space to receive from our speakers. You'll leave feeling encouraged, equipped, and empowered to get out there and chase your dreams.

Meet, mingle, and make connections

The Exchange events bring together some of Canada's best and brightest Millennials - people who are ambitiously chasing their life, careers, and entrepreneurial dreams, and looking to connect with other like-minded people. After all, it's all about who you know, right?

Have your say, and ask away!

Community is all about dialogue. We always open up the floor to our event attendees to ask questions of our speakers and gain insights into their unique situations. Our post-event surveys are another way our attendees get to craft an experience that's the best, and most valuable for them.