Opening your home and creating a place at your table for friends and family might sound like an expensive endeavor, but with some key ingredients, and a pinch of creativity, you can create a memorable holiday feast on a tight budget. Jasmine Baker from The Love of Food & All That Jas tells us how!

There is nothing I love more than family and friends gathering around the dinner table for the holidays. As I get a bit older, and dare I say wiser, I’ve learned that being together is the best gift of all. I used to spend days shopping, preparing and cooking. I’d make dishes for each individual’s dietary requirements. While they left with full tummies and hearts, it was at a big expense, a big investment in time, energy and money, and a ton of food wasted. So, this year I’m looking at ways to simplify. Here are a few tips for cost effective entertaining:

Cheese, Please!

Cheese is a crowd pleaser, but it can get really pricey. A great work around is Baked Brie. Grab a $6 wheel of President’s Choice Double Cream Brie, add it to a similar sized round oven-safe dish, cover it with the berry jam of your choosing (I like Bonne Maman Black Current), add some thinly sliced jalapeño (sans seeds) and bake at 350 C for 20 minutes. Add a few crackers and you’re ready to roll!

Vegetables Are King.

Some people don’t eat meat, some don’t eat fish but EVERYONE eats vegetables! Instead of doing a Roast Turkey or Roast Beef why not try a Roasted Squash or Mushroom Risotto? Hearty, indulgent, stupid simple to make AND it’s also gluten free!

Cheers to Savings!

Mocktails and cocktails are a lovely addition to any party but again simple is best. I love sparkling water or sparkling wine with a few frozen cranberries and perhaps a clementine. The frozen cranberries help keep your drink cool, adding flavor as it melts and the orange slices complement the overall flavor and add a bit more refreshment.

Thyme for Something Pretty.

I love using fresh herbs to bring out the best in my dishes and for decorating the table. $15 of fresh herbs from the farmers market on Saturday gives me enough to decorate. Just pop a small bunch of sage, thyme or rosemary in a bud vase or tie a sprig to your place card and you’ve got gorgeous scented décor to complement whatever you’re serving.

I hope these tips help you keep things simple and cost effective this holiday season. Remember, it’s the time spent together that really matters. Happy holidays!

Photography by Rachel Simpson


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