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Millennial Money Masterclass

Struggling to keep up with that credit card payment? Battling #travelgram FOMO? Wish you knew what the heck a TFSA was and how to use it? Find the information and support you need with a group of like-minded Millennials in this intimate and interactive group coaching program.

Our simple, practical approach focuses your attention and money one step at a time to help you reach and achieve your financial goals.

Ready to gain financial control and confidence?

All the details

Managing Money

How to build and stick to a budget

Keeping Money

How to pay off and avoid debt forever

Growing Money

How to save and invest like a champ

Protecting Money

How to create and protect your income


720 Bathurst St., Toronto, ON


Sept. 3 / Sept. 17 / Oct. 1 / Oct. 15


6pm to 8pm


One-time Payment


  • Save $25 with a one-time payment 
  • Includes notebook, pen, digital budgeting template and other resources
Monthly Payment Plan

per month + HST

  • 3 easy payments automatically withdrawn from bank account
  • Includes notebook, pen, digital budgeting template and other resources

Meet your instructor

Get personalized attention in an intimate group setting with your instructor, Octavia Ramirez. As the Founder/CEO of Paper & Coin, she's personally coached dozens of people over the last 3 years, helping them become debt-free, learn how to invest confidently, and breathe a sigh of relief, rather than cringe, whenever they open up their banking app. She's also a contributing financial writer for various platforms and brands, including Tangerine Bank,, and

Don't take our word for it

Jocelynne (Toronto, ON)

"I loved that the workshop was small and intimate. Money talk can be super awkward so that made it feel like a safe space to ask questions. I wanted to gain more knowledge about finance in general because it's something I never learned growing up."

Jen (Toronto, ON)

"My husband and I attended Paper & Coin's Millennial Money Masterclass. Prior to this I had always taken a bit of backseat with how my money, both personally and in my business, was managed. I learned so much in those 2 hours in the class, and came home feeling really excited. Greg and I sat down and created our first budget; not only that, I set up a savings account and can't wait to see all that compounding interest. This workshop gave me the confidence and know-how to start looking into new banking options; previously I had just stayed with my current bank because it was easy but now I am looking for better options and asking what they can do for me. Thanks for making finances easier to understand, less daunting, and way more fun!"

Susan (Hamilton, ON)

"Attending the Millennial Money Masterclass was a great way to get focused and informed about what my next steps should be. The instructor was personable, knowledgeable, and funny, which made the tricky topics related to money feel less scary and more empowering. The content was super accessible and I finally understood some of the financial concepts I've been confused by for years!"