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Financial coaching that's

Paper & Coin Coaches

We actually get you. 

We understand young adults because we are them. We're passionate about helping our generation experience financial freedom. 

Real People

Nobody's perfect. Our financial coaches are real people who empathize and never judge. Chances are we've been there, done that.

Real Connection

Connecting with someone who understands you, supports you and keeps you accountable, motivated, and on track makes all difference.

paper & coin financial coaching methods

No strings attached.

We're a fee-only financial service, which means we only charge the flat fee listed on our plans. No hidden charges, ever. 

Our step-by-step approach

Are you trying to pay off your credit cards, your student loan, save up for a vacation and invest in your RRSP all at the same time? Not only does that take forever, you don't end up getting much traction in any area. This can be discouraging, and more than likely cause you to get off track.

Our approach focuses your attention and money on one step at a time.

paper & coin financial coaching methods

1. Create a Cushion Fund

Build up a small cushion to fall onto if/when"stuff" hits the fan. No more relying on credit cards!

2. Pay off debt

All debt is bad debtGet rid of every credit card, student loan, car payment, and line of credit wrapped around your neck like a noose. Free yourself!

3. Amplify your Emergency Fund

Beef up that Cushion Fund to a full-fledged blanket fort of 3-6 months of expenses. When "life happens", you'll be ready and stress-free.

4. Set up regular investments

Invest for the near and not-so-near future, because time (and money) flies when you're debt-free and having fun. Make your money make money.



"I had no idea where my money was going, but thanks to Paper and Coin, I now have a structured plan laid out. I am intensely paying off my student debt, while still having money left over to go out with friends."

Tine, 28

Stationery Designer

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