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Eliminate debt.

Build wealth.



Live the life of your dreams.

Personal Finances

You have the motivation. Now, you just need a plan.

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A personal trainer...for your money!

With our monthly coaching package, you get your very own personal coach to provide you with ongoing support, keep you accountable to your MONEY MASTER PLAN, and help you reach your financial goals.**6-month payment plan available

2-hr MONEY MASTER PLAN Consultation
+ 5 Monthly Coaching Sessions

  • 2-hr consultation
  • Customized MONEY MASTER PLAN
  • Digital budgeting template
  • Access to P&C Insiders Facebook Group
  • 5 monthly coaching sessions 

Build your financial roadmap

The MONEY MASTER PLAN is your step-by-step blueprint to help you reach your financial goals. If you feel motivated and amped to try it on your own, give it a shot! But, don't worry, if you start to lose steam along the way, you can always opt in to the coaching program later. **3-month payment plan available



one-time consultation

  • 2-hr consultation
  • Customized MONEY MASTER PLAN
  • Digital budgeting template
  • Access to P&C Insiders Facebook Group

Business Finances

Make your money work as hard as you do.

2-hour consultation

Sit down with a dedicated coach to go over your business' financial details, discuss goals and obstacles, and determine a plan of action.

Financial Reporting Templates

Our customizable templates help you project and budget expenses, plan for taxes, and manage invoices and cash flow.

Business Strategy

Determine strategies to better manage or boost revenue, lower expenses, and scale your business in a sustainable way.

Coaching Options

Stay accountable to your plan by opting in to 1-hour monthly or quarterly coaching sessions.



See how your business can maximize revenue and profit margins, minimize losses and taxes, and boost that bottom line. 

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Here's what you get

Personal Coach

A financial expert that is dedicated to helping you win with money.

Customized Plan

A step-by-step plan customized to your income, goals, and timelines.

Digital Meetings

Meet virtually with your coach via Google Hangouts or Skype.

Flexible Scheduling

Set monthly check-ins with your coach based on your schedule.

Practical Tools

Receive budgeting tools that work seamlessly with your plan

Community Support

Join our Insiders Facebook group to meet others working their plans.

Here's how it works


Meet your coach

Your coach is a real person, not an algorithm! They design your unique plan and support you as you work that plan.


Set your goals

Pay off debt? Save for a trip? Your goals are seamlessly integrated into your step-by-step financial plan.


Get your plan

You'll receive an organized plan showing your goals, budget proposals, and timeline projections.


Stay on track

Amp things up with monthly check-ins and unlimited support through our Personal Coaching Program.