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Green & Gold Holiday Guide 2018 by Paper & Coin

Green & Gold: A Holiday Guide by Paper & Coin

This fun, festive,financially-focused guide will help you manage your money over the holidays while still enjoying and taking in the joy and beauty of the season.




Digital Holiday Budgeting Template


This digital tool will guarantee that you, your family, and your bank account stay full and festive this holiday season. Download it, customize it, and work it!




travel guide airplane

How to Travel the World without Going into Debt

This beautifully designed TRAVEL GUIDE lays out exactly how can trot the globe like a boss and not worry about coming home to a huge credit card bill.



The Wedding Planning Budget Template

Planning your wedding day doesn't have to be financially stressful. This budgeting template will help keep you on track (and sane) leading up to your big day.



The Freelancer's Guide to Worry-Free Money

A simple breakdown of how to manage your small business finances without breaking out into a cold sweat every tax season.