With the rise in affordable flights, travel blogs, resources, and the shift in millennial attitudes, more and more young people are itching to travel, explore and adventure.  While it’s easier than ever to hop on a flight and end up in an exotic location, many millennials are also struggling with debt and precarious employment, so saving money for a trip is not always easy.

It’s no surprise we’re looking for great deals on flights – but, what if that means scheduling a last minute trip? How can you quickly save up enough to enjoy your travels and take advantage of an amazing offer – today, we share some tips on quick ways to save before you’re wheels up to your next amazing destination. 

Cut out the luxuries.

One of the quickest ways to save money is by cutting out luxury expenses. Take some time to make a list of what you really need to get through the weeks before your trip. Are there expenses you can cut? For example, subscriptions, memberships, eating out, beauty supplies or that $4 Americano you like to get every morning. Keep in mind – that everything adds up and even small expenses can make a big dent if they’re occurring regularly. 

Sell your Items.

Need money quickly? Spend some time collecting items around your place that no longer serve you.

When was the last time you cleaned your closet? Are there items in there that you haven’t worn a while? Are they worth something? What about old electronics or kitchen appliances you’re just not making use of anymore. Anything goes on the wonderful world of E-Bay. Try selling them for a quick buck to help fund your travel account.

Ditch the car.

Whether you drive to work or take Ubers, using a car is one of the most expensive forms of transportation. If you need to save up quickly,  the money you use on parking and gas could help pad your travel fund. Using public transit, walking and biking are low-cost or free alternatives to getting around. Combining these approaches may be the solution you’re looking for.

Trim down.

If the trip is fast approaching and you need money fast, try scaling down your phone and internet plan. Shave off a few bucks from your monthly bill, better yet, call your phone provider and see what better deals they can offer you if you’ve been a long-time loyal customer.

Avoid unnecessary fees.

Plan ahead and avoid fees at all cost. Missing a credit card payment means paying extra fees. Forgetting to take out cash before the bar, can result in ATM fees. Forgot to return your library book? That’s another fee. Don’t let money leak out- especially when you are planning on saving for an adventure.

Happy travels!

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